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Douglas Snauffer is an Ohio-based author, journalist, media consultant and filmmaker. As a child, he expressed a deep interest in the arts, and later studied English and Communications at Stark State College and Kent State University. He spent several years writing for The Free Press Herald (a biweekly newspaper in Canton, Ohio) and The Akron Beacon Journal. Although Doug wrote on a number of topics -- news, sports, crime, human interest, and religion -- his primary interest was in the field of entertainment.

After honing his skills locally, Doug began selling articles to national publications like Starlog, Fangoria, Garage, and Alternative Cinema. As an entertainment journalist, he began spending more and more time in Los Angeles on television and film sets. In 2001 he decided to move to Hollywood and try his hand at screenwriting. An old friend, filmmaker J.R. Bookwalter, helped Doug land a scriptwriting position with producer Charles Band's Full Moon Entertainment. Doug spent three years there churning out scripts for direct-to-video horror fare including "Witchouse 2: Blood Coven," "The Vault," "Killjoy 2: Deliverance From Evil," and "Dead & Rotting."

After returning to Ohio, Doug began to write a series of nonfiction books about the television industry: Crime Television (Praeger, 2006), The Show Must Go On (McFarland, 2008), and Prime Time Soap Operas (Praeger, 2009).

As of May 2014, Doug has three new books in various stages of completion.

He also has two film projects in development through his production company. The first is "Roadkill," a gritty supernatural drama about a young man on the verge of being consumed by the demons who've haunted him since the suicide of his brother, and the girl who enters his life and becomes his only chance for salvation. The second project, "Are You Playing Me?" is a lighthearted documentary about three gamers and the worlds they create.

Production diaries for both will soon be available on this page.

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